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This Is The 625-HP M3 Wagon BMW Should Have Built

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And it’s currently up for sale.

BMW fans have long lamented the fact that there has never been an official M3-based wagon. While it has offered convertible and sedan body styles in the last two generations, BMW have only ever offered a wagon in the larger M5 on a handful of occasions. And what cars they were. The 500-hp V10 powered M5 is fast becoming a modern classic and the wagon variants are highly sought after. One enterprising Texan decided that he wanted to make his own M3-based version out of a 2009 328i wagon he happened to own.

Being from Texas, the car would clearly need to use the largest capacity M3 engine around, namely the previous-gen S65 V8. The original V8 M3 produced around 420 hp, fine for Europe but clearly a bit too weedy for the Lone Star State, so this wagon also features a supercharger kit to help boost power to a more acceptable 625 hp. This conversion is no simple engine swap though as the M3 wagon also features the M3's 7-speed DCT transmission, an Akrapovic Evo Titanium exhaust system, CSF cooling package, KW coilovers, M3 brakes, 18-inch Volk wheels as well as numerous detail touches like an aluminum skid plate.

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It may have over 66,000 miles on the clock but this one-off M3 looks fresh and well-cared for. The body is painted in a Porsche-spec dark grey and various exterior panels have been replaced by M3 parts, an aftermarket front lip and side extensions add a menacing final touch to the package. The interior too has been largely upgraded with M3 trim parts making this car look as if BMW themselves had done the work. The vehicle is currently listed on Bring A Trailer and should make its future owner one very happy camper.