This Is The Absolutely Disgusting Process Of Painting A Car

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You might want to hold off on lunch before watching this.

Even though the process of destroying this car is all going towards giving its pretty coat of paint a new lease of life, this video is a bit stomach churning to watch. It's not as bad as witnessing rare and illegal cars getting crushed by police trying to make an example, but let's just say you may want to hold off on watching this if you're eating a sandwich in the middle of your lunch break. What you're about to see here is the ugly but necessary side of car restoration.

While it's easy to lust after a shiny ride under the show floor lights, the work it takes to get the car to that condition isn't so glamorous. The restoration process for this Porsche is a perfect way to show those of us who don't know that.

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To put a new and immaculate paint job on this Porsche, the old one has to go first. This is where things get ugly. Using an army of chemicals, electric tools, and careful hands, the paint shop workers go to war with the black paint, turning what was once a shiny black coat that confidently gripped the sheet metal into a chaotic mess of cracked fragments that can be easily brushed off by hand. Once it's all exposed the workers can turn their impressive focus and attention to detail on getting the body back into factory condition before sending it back to the paint booth. Like plastic surgeons, these guys deal with the unsexy sides of the job to leave the patient in perfect condition.

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