This Is The Affordable Porsche 911 You've Been Waiting For

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Get it while it isn't hot.

There has been a lot of fuss made in recent years about air-cooled Porsches, how they are the epitome of what makes a 911 great, and anything built after the 993 should be avoided at all costs.

The 996-generation 911 has suffered greatly thanks to these prejudices and while some of the hate is warranted, the right example can offer just as much of an engaging driving experience as its air-cooled forebears while still being far more accomplished as a daily driver.

The Palladio Metallic 300 horsepower 3.4-liter 996 listed on Bring-A-Trailer looks to be just such a car. Being a later 2001 model, it features the clear head and tail lights that do much to improve the looks. It may not have the slightly more powerful 3.6-liter motor of the facelifted models but the smaller engine is only 20 hp down on power and revs more freely too.

The turbo-look wheels also do their part and it is also a coupe fitted with a manual transmission, two features that many collectors look for. The all-wheel-drive setup does little to upset the fine handling balance and gives the 911 a broader operating range in areas where inclement weather is a factor.

Having completed 59,000 miles in 18 years shows that it has not been left to stand for years on end, which is a good thing with these cars. The usual issues of the leaking Rear Main Seal (RMS) and Intermediate Shaft Bearing (IMS) have both been preemptively dealt with at a recent service where the clutch was also replaced. The car also comes with new rear pads and rotors as well as a set of new Michelin Sport tires.

It comes equipped with both the Technic and Comfort Packages which means that it is very well equipped. Auto wipers, headlamp washers and power seats with memory function are all part of these packages and the interior is covered in light brown natural leather that works well with the exterior color.

While there are still a few days to go before the auction is over, the bid at the time of writing is a pleasingly low $10,000. That is a whole lot of car for the money and an equivalent condition 993 would easily set you back many times that figure. The final price may quite likely be around double the current bid but even then it will be a great modern classic that can double as a weekend toy and a daily driver.

If you still aren't convinced then it's worth remembering that just about every single 911 model and variant ever made has gone on to become a desirable classic, you just have to know when to jump in.

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