This Is The All-New Land Rover Discovery

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Unsurprisingly, it's almost identical to the Disco Sport.

Even by Land Rover's recent standards, the Discovery Sport is a very well sorted piece of kit. By all objective counts, it's a tremendous premium SUV that covers all the major bases exceptionally well. In fact, the only big gripe we have with the Disco S is that space in the back for the two rearmost passengers is a bit restricted. It's hopeful, though, that the larger, full-fat Discovery will rectify that problem - even though we can't tell for certain from the first official images of the car that Land Rover has sent our way.

Given we only know what the full-sized Discovery's face looks like at the moment, we'll have to wait until we see the new SUV in person at the 2016 Paris Motor Show before we can evaluate just what else the new Disco brings to the table. It helps, then, that the snippets of info we do know are reassurring: an all-new aluminium monocoque, for instance, is bound to shave several hundreds of pounds off the kerb weight in comparison with its integrated-body-on-frame predecessor. Plus, if you like the look of the Disco Sport, you'll certainly find much to like about the bold detailing of the Discovery's front end, with the air intakes in the front bumper giving this model a marginally more aggressive and purposeful face than the Disco S.

Land Rover also claims this new Discovery will be full to bursting with its new technology, which is bound to manifest itself in many areas. For instance, the engine line-up should consist of quite a few modual 'Ingenium' units, and - whilst we won't be yet seeing the very clever autonomous technology that Land Rover's currently working on featured - lots of advanced safety kit should be present as well. All of this will increase the car's price, however, so expect the base Discovery to retail for a good few grand more than the $50,000 or so that base LR4s go for. Going on Land Rover's recent efforts, though, the new Discovery should be worth the extra outlay.

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