This Is The Audi RS2 Coupe That Audi Never Made

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This thing looks awesome!

From the compact Audi RS3 sedan to the mean RS Q8 SUV, there is no shortage of hyper-fast RS-badged Audis available right now. It's a hallowed badge that rightfully takes its place alongside Mercedes AMG models and BMW's M-badged cars. It all started in the mid-1990s with the RS2 Avant, which we view as one of the greatest Audi RS models ever.

However, the RS2 was only ever sold in wagon form, but for anyone who has ever dreamed of an RS2 as a sporty coupe - or at least something very close to that - there is hope thanks to a company called Prior Design.

Prior Design Prior Design Prior Design Prior Design

In collaboration with JP Performance and Dr. Rouven Mohr, known as "Dr. Crazy", a widebody kit was created based around the Audi Coupe, which was a liftback coupe version of the Audi 80. The kit was inspired by the RS2 Avant along with more modern RS-badged Audis. The end result is an absolute winner and it's instantly one of the most desirable Audi coupes we've ever seen.

Among the many enhancements are large exhaust pipes at the back, a front spoiler, front/rear extensions, side skirts, new rocker panels, and a unique rear bumper/diffuser. A wraparound rear spoiler is another sporty touch, and really, all that's missing is an actual RS badge.

Prior Design Prior Design Prior Design Prior Design

Prior Design says that only 40 body kits will be made, so exclusivity is guaranteed. The kit itself took four months to develop and celebrates 40 years of the Audi Quattro. In the video above shared on YouTube, the design process for the kit was shared.

As this is a visual kit, it won't quite have the go to match the show, but one can only imagine how epic an engine swap from the actual RS2 Avant would be. Sales of the widebody aero kits have just begun and based on these digital renderings of the design, we're sure that all 40 will be snapped up quickly. That being said, it comes at a cost of €5,798 ($6,767).

Prior Design Prior Design Prior Design Prior Design Prior Design
Source Credits: Prior Design

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