This Is The Bentley Bentayga For Those Of Us Who Aren't In The Fortune 500


Unless you absolutely must be treated like royalty, this will do just fine.

If you don’t happen to be abillionaire, but you really want the new Bentley Bentayga, you still haveoptions. If you want to enjoy an SUV with a luxurious interior and solidperformance but you don’t really care about using your new ride as a brashstatus symbol, then go save yourself $180,000 and buy a 2016 VolkswagenTouareg. The two refined SUVs share a lot more in common than you might think,including being derived from the VW Group’s MLB platform.

You can pick up a brand new Touareg for $46,745. AlthoughBentley hasn’t officially released pricing information for the Bentayga, thebase price is generally estimated to be about $230,000. This means that youcould buy almost five very capable, very refined 2016 VW Touaregs for the priceof one Bentayga with no additional options checked off. Before anyone losestheir mind thinking, “nobody would every cross-shop between these twovehicles!!!” please note that we don’t consider them to be aimed at similarmarkets at all. This comparison is simply meant to raise the questionof whether or not the extra performance and amenities in the Bentley SUV areworth an ENTIRE HOUSE extra.

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Even the highest trim level, “V6Executive,” only costs $60,185. This model utilizes a 280-horsepower 3.6-liter gas engine and achieves 17/23 mpg. Amenities include keyless entry, a nav system, panoramic sunroof, rearcamera, Bi-Xenon lights, and heated seats. To put this in perspective, there’sa clock OPTION on the Bentley SUV that costs $160,000. Sure, there’sa big difference between 280 and 600 hp. There are innumerable reasons to prefer a W12 engineto a V6, and no Touareg is going to chill yourchampagne for you. But to the vast majority of us for whom money is actually aconcern, VW can get you where you need to go at a price that’s attainable for normal human beings.