This Is The Best Autonomous Car To Emerge From China

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The ultimate hi-tech rolling lounge comes with a ton of gadgets.

Byton is just one of a handful of recent automotive startups to announce plans to put its concept into production this year, but unlike most, they are right on track to make the M-Byte Crossover a reality.

The carmaker's display at this year's Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas shows that it also has a slightly different take on what the future of motoring may hold. It's positioning the M-Byte as a next-generation smart device, 'designed for the future of autonomous driving when the automobile will become a mobile digital lounge'.

Byton Byton

"Byton's M-Byte represents the transformation of the traditional car into a next-generation smart device for every user," said Dr. Carsten Breitfeld, CEO and Co-founder of Byton. "We achieve this through the combination our state-of-the-art EV platform and our proprietary Byton Life digital ecosystem."

Part of this digital ecosystem is a massive 49-inch 'Shared Experience Display (SED) that replaces the traditional dashboard layout. Through the use of M-Byte's proprietary user-interface system, vehicle occupants will be able to access a wide array of digital content as well as vehicle functions on the SED.

There are two more tablets in the vehicle, one set into the steering wheel and the other placed between the front seats. But wait there's more, passengers in the rear will have their own independent entertainment screens and multiple interaction modes with the vehicle will be offered including voice control, touch control, physical buttons, and gesture control.

Byton Byton Byton Byton

In addition, Byton users will have access to Byton Life, an open digital ecosystem that interconnects smart devices, data and applications. Byton Life will also have advanced machine learning capabilities to analyze user behavior and to provide intuitive support such as scheduling reminders and online shopping tasks. Combine this with Level 3 autonomy capability and it becomes clear why the M-Byte has been promoted as the ultimate hi-tech rolling lounge.

Production is slated to debut in mid-2019 with mass-production starting at the end of the year. "We have made solid progress in the construction of our Nanjing plant and prototype vehicle testing," said Dr. Daniel Kirchert, President and Co-Founder of Byton. "This is a vital year for Byton and our global team is sparing no efforts to achieve our goal of volume production." We hope that the team at Byton achieve their lofty goals, this is one car we can't wait to see in the metal.


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