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This is the Best DeLorean Review You Will Ever See

Standing next to one is as good as you think.

For those of us who grew up in the mid- to late 1980s, the DeLorean DMC-12 had Hollywood star power and exotic appeal all in one. Thing was, it absolutely sucked in the power department. It’s V6, although fuel injected, was a colossal disappointment. Its chassis was tuned by Lotus, but the DeLorean drove more like a large cruiser. But that was OK. All is forgiven. Because driving a DeLorean, for 80s fanboys at least, is a childhood dream come true.

It’s not a driver's car, but the DeLorean was designed so that everyone could enjoy it. It was an everyman’s sports car without much sport. Its stainless steel and Giugiaro-designed body is also timeless. But we’ll leave all of the grunting noises and sexual innuendo to the guys at Regular Car Reviews.

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