This Is The Best Fake Tesla Cybertruck We've Seen Yet

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Amazing Tesla Cybertruck clone hits the snowy streets of Russia.

Not content with waiting until next year for the official market launch of the Tesla Cybertruck, a Russian mechanic has created a prototype of the polarizing truck based on the specific specifications and dimensions that the EV automaker has released. The YouTube channel in question is Kik Review, who first developed the basic clone before the finishing touches were applied by Garage54.

With further modifications expected to the real Cybertruck's design to ensure it meets safety standards, this Russian-built clone may actually end up looking a lot crazier than the final product, although we doubt that Musk will bring his truck to market with styling that's too sanitized.

In the video, we can see just how well-finished this fake Cybertruck appears, sharing the original design's complete lack of curves, blacked-out windows, and giant tires. To show off their creation, the guys hauled the truck to a snowy field to give it a test drive. As we reported earlier this month before the truck's final reveal, an internal combustion engine appears to provide power, but even so, the truck quickly got bogged down in knee-deep snow.

Later in the video, the truck was parked in the town of Novosibirsk close to the Trans-Siberian Railway. In the midst of some typically frigid Russian weather, the truck was fascinating enough to get passers-by to brave the cold and get a closer look.


"It attracts attention to itself very much," said the channel's host. "It's cool because the shape is unusual and men and women take out their phones to snap pictures." We have to say, parked alongside a Mercedes S-Class in the video, the Cybertruck looks as out of place as it ever did.

According to the hosts, there are no plans to disassemble their creation, and why would they? This is the best Cybertruck prototype we've yet seen and it provides a glimpse into the near future. In case you forgot, the real thing is set to be powered by a range-topping tri-motor with AWD and the ability to hit 60 mph in only 2.9 seconds. With up to 16 inches of ground clearance, it should also handle snowy conditions quite a bit better than this Russian imitation.


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