This Is The Best Quality BMW Crash You've Ever Seen


The poor guy flipped his new Bimmer and had it all caught on 4k UHD video.

Ifyou’re lucky enough to survive crashing your late-model 3 Series BMW on afailed drift, you’ve still got some hard things to live with. In the case ofthis guy, it’s having your ill-founded confidence around a corner taped in someof the highest quality video available. The YouTube user responsible for takingthis (and many other) stunning car videos, RNickeyMouse, writes in thedescription that “the driver claimed he slid on water.” Luckily, this dude wasuninjured as a result of this crazy rollover.

Wedon’t know if he has a whole lot of sense after learning his explanation forwhy he crashed this expensive coupe. There just doesn’t appear to be any wateron this California road, at least until fluid starts spilling out of thewrecked German luxury car.

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From what we may discern in the video, it looks like the driver was comfortable drifting around the first curve, but made the disastrous mistake of not straightening out the wheel in time, resulting in his front tires aiming right for the side of the cliff. This guy’s embarrassing and costly drift fail got shot with a Panasonic GH4, and we wouldn’t be surprised if a .gif or two emerged from this. This driver is also guilty of ignoring the good advice of a witness to this scene.A person standing by can be heardyelling, “turn off the car!” The driver, after climbing out through thesunroof, says he’s “OK.” The spectator again yells “TURN OFF THE CAR!” and thebone-headed BMW driver just responds with a face-palm worthy “I’m 100% okay.”