This Is The Best Used Car Advert We've Ever Seen

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A Suzuki Vitara can drive underwater and launch into space if you believe this used car advert made by a visual effects artist.

When placing an advert for a used car, it's important to stand out against the competition in the classifieds. Most people probably wouldn't go to the extreme effort this seller has, though. When creating an advert to sell his 1996 Suzuki Vitara, Isreal-based Eugene Romanovsky deployed his special set of skills as a visual effects artist to create the most elaborate used car advert video we've ever seen. For the first few seconds, you'd be forgiven for thinking you were watching an authentic car commercial.

Vital stats fill the screen over dramatic shots showcasing the Vitara's versatile off-roading capabilities. But then the scenarios get increasingly extreme. Using his visual effects talents, the SUV is suddenly shown invading scenes in Jurassic Park and Mad Max: Fury Road, driving alongside dinosaurs and racing through the desert in an apocalyptic, hi-octane chase scene.

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How do you demonstrate the ability of its 1.6-liter, 96-hp engine? By making it drive up an impossibly steep sand dune, of course. Apparently, the Vitara is more versatile than we thought. It even gets driven underwater, and launches into outer space before landing back on earth Back To The Future-style. It's unapologetically silly, which only makes the advert more memorable. Romanovsky says the Vitara served as his "best friend" for ten years in the video, and he's certainly done it justice. Currently, the video has accumulated nearly four million views, so we don't think he will be struggling to find a buyer somehow.

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