This Is The Best View You've Ever Had Of The All New BMW M2

Check out BMW's newest star in full 360-degree video.

German automaker BMW has taken the automotive world by storm with the recent release of its newest offering from the M Performance division. Unless you’ve been lucky enough to have the privilege of already driving this car, you’re about to witness the best view you’ve ever had of the glorious new M2. Shot in full 360-degree video, this test drive gives you the chance to look at the car from any angle you want. Try dragging your cursor around to experience the full view of the coupe while it runs this test track.

In the words of the lucky driver whipping the car around the curves of the Salzbugring, “if the old one was good, this one is MUCH better.” Building on the infrastructure of the M235i, the M2 takes performance to the next level with 370hp and a 0-60 run of 4.2 seconds.

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