This Is The Bonkers M3 We Hope BMW Has Planned

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Time to turn things up several notches.

Although the all-new BMW 3 Series, codenamed G80, has only been in dealerships for a short time, the conversation is already being redirected to the next M3. There's plenty of good reasons to be excited by this next chapter in the M3's impressive history, mainly that performance will be better than ever. At the same time, exterior styling is expected to be even bolder than the current vehicle, which many believe isn't representative enough of its performance capabilities. It appears BMW was listening.

The crew over at Bimmerpost first posted these awesome renderings, in multiple colors, showing what the G80 M3 will probably look like. The artist behind these images, who goes by the username Mii, used recently taken spy photos as a starting point. They did their best to remove the camouflage and then incorporate some styling elements seen on other new BMWs, such as the X7 and updated 7 Series.

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The result is somewhat polarizing, to say the least. But we like what we're seeing because the styling takes the M3 into a new direction. It's bold because it needs to be. Mercedes-AMG, for example, has invested heavily in far more dynamic styling over the past few years, as has Audi Sport. BMW M simply cannot come across as the traditional/conservative one here.

The M3 has long set the pace and performance benchmark and it cannot be outdone in the looks department either. Based on these renderings (you can check out multiple colors over at Bimmerpost), the G80 M3, due for 2021, could be both a performance and styling game changer.

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Under the hood, it's expected to receive a 3.0-liter twin-turbo inline-six good for at least 473 horsepower. A more hardcore M3 Competition could produce just over 500 hp. While a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission sending power to all four wheels is expected, we've also heard there will be a RWD, manual-equipped variant specifically for the purists that have been loyal to BMW M for decades. Hopefully, BMW will have some more updates in the coming months.

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