This Is The Bronco Configuration Ford Won't Build

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At least for now.

Late last week, Ford announced it will replace each and every Bronco hardtop for both two- and four-door models due to quality issues. Those who have already taken delivery will be contacted shortly to make arrangements for a replacement unit. The hardtop quality issue has been a major discussion topic on Ford Bronco forums and the automaker, to its full credit, moved quickly on the issue.

The SUV is also available with a soft top, similar to what's found on its arch-rival, the Jeep Wrangler. Thing is, only four-door Broncos have this option. What about the two-door body style? Two words: not happening.

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A future Bronco owner asked Ford Production Communications Manager Mike Levine on Twitter and the response was quick, brief, and disappointing. "No current plan for 2 door soft tops." It's certainly possible this could one day change if there's sufficient enough demand. Right now, however, Ford's top priority is replacing those hardtops, which is causing yet another production delay.

You see, the new tops won't be ready until October so the Bronco assembly line will be halted until around that time. Once Ford swaps the tops for already delivered Broncos, the next stage are the ones in inventory and there are a lot of them there right now.

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Because of this, people who've recently placed orders but have yet to receive a build date won't get a 2021 model but rather a 2022. The new model year SUVs aren't set to begin production until this December. Fortunately, Ford has promised to retain the same pricing for next year and 2023. Those who thought they'd be getting a 2021 Bronco but will instead receive a 2022 model have nothing to worry about; the price is the price.

The launch of the reborn Bronco, despite all of the excitement, has not gone fully as planned. Ford has done its best to manage the situation but some things can't always be avoided.

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