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This Is The Buick Rich People Like To Buy

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We were surprised, too.

Buick is quickly becoming what many of its direct competitors are as well: a brand which heavily focuses on crossovers. Traditional Buick sedans, specifically the Verano and LaCrosse, are out while the crossover expansion continues. There is, however, one non-CUV that has managed to find its niche with a certain type of buyer.

According to Autoblog, the 2019 Buick Regal TourX has found popularity with well-to-do customers and, more importantly, it's selling better than expected. A Buick spokesperson has confirmed that Regal TourX buyers "have the highest average income of any of the brand's products." In addition, TourX buyers' income is even higher than those who buy the Buick Enclave Avenir, the highest trim available for the three-row crossover.

It's also the most expensive model currently in Buick's lineup. While the Enclave Avenir begins at $54,695, the TourX starts at $35,995. Wealthier buyers are purposely spending less because they want a certain model instead. At the same time, the TourX is proving to be more popular than Buick expected with initial estimates that the off-road-ish wagon would make up about 25 percent of sales.

At the moment, it's reached 40 percent. So far this year, 3,408 Regals have been sold, of which about 1,400 were TourX wagons. Remember, the Regal is also a sedan. Although those figures may be good for Buick, they pale in comparison to those of the Regal TourX's main rival, the Subaru Outback. So far this year, a total of 76,000 Outbacks have been sold.

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So, on the one hand, the wagon body style is no longer popular in America, but adding body cladding and a slightly raised ride height can make all the difference. Go figure. Unfortunately, the future of the Regal sedan and Regal TourX are in doubt because models were designed and engineered by Opel, GM's now former European division that was sold to the PSA Group a few years ago. What happens when it's time for the Regal models to be completely redesigned? It's not like GM has many other sedans in its brands' lineup anymore.