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This Is The C8 Corvette Chevrolet Will Never Build

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But we think we know who could.

The 2020 Chevrolet Corvette revealed last month is only the beginning of a new era for the iconic sports car. Now that it’s finally gone mid-engined, there are plenty of new opportunities for Chevy engineers to explore. Old school Corvette fans will just have to deal with the fact that a front-engined V8 is a thing of the past.

However, relocating the engine behind the driver and passenger may have suddenly made the Corvette far more attractive to a new generation of buyers who may have shopped elsewhere. They could very well be heading to a Chevy dealer very soon. And when there’s a new Corvette, future variants are inevitable such as the next Z06, Grand Sport, and ZR1. Heck, maybe there will even be a "Zora Edition.” But the C8 Corvette variant we already know Chevy won’t build is a shooting brake.

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Based on these new renderings from talented designer Rain Prisk, this hypothetical C8 shooting brake is absolutely stunning. By creating a new roofline that blends with the C8’s already flared rear haunches, the styling looks amazingly organic. It’s almost as if it came directly from GM. However, there is one major drawback: engine access. Because of the new rear hatch and cargo space resulting from the C8’s mid-engine design, it could prove quite a challenge to access the LT2 6.2-liter V8.

Again, this is only a concept design so there aren’t any accompanying mechanical and technical details that would address this scenario. As for its production chances, like we already said, Chevy would not at all be interested, but we think we know who might be: Callaway.

If you recall, the American-based aftermarket tuner and fabricator designed and built from scratch a shooting brake kit for the outgoing C7 Corvette. Dubbed the Aerowagon, Callaway did sell a limited number of these kits and we’d love to see them give it another go with the new C8.

Despite there being some major challenges because of the re-positioned engine, a C8 shooting brake or new Aerowagon is still technically possible. It really boils down to whether Callaway (or anyone else) is up for doing the project.