This Is The Car Mitsubishi Should Have Built Years Ago

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Given the sedan segment's poor sales record these days, this slick rendering arrives too late.

In 1969, Mitsubishi built a sedan called the Galant, though it didn't arrive on US shores until 1988, at the very end of the fifth generation model's life cycle. The following year, the all-new sixth generation returned to America and won Motor Trend's Import Car of the Year award.

The Galant soldiered on in the US until 2012 when the ninth generation was ultimately given the ax. It was a decent although bland sedan by this point and no longer competitive. Mitsubishi as a whole was in a similar position.

Today, the Japanese automaker has become part of the Renault Nissan alliance and it's poised for a comeback. Will there be a new Galant sedan? Chances are slim, given the sluggish status of sedan sales. For now, Mitsubishi still sells the Mirage G4 sedan; the Lancer is also a goner. Could the Galant nameplate return to, say, a crossover? Absolutely, just look at how the Eclipse coupe became the Eclipse Cross. But what if sedan sales were better than they are, what would a modern Galant look like?

Rendering artist Enoch Gonzales sent us his vision for the Galant sedan that'll likely never happen (at least in the near future). Incorporating design elements from the brand's latest styling language as well as a traditional three-box sedan design, this imagined 2020 Mitsubishi Galant has very nice overall proportions and a real premium look.

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Gonzales didn't offer a suggestion as to what could be under the hood, but we figure Mitsubishi would opt for the plug-in hybrid powertrain now available on the Outlander PHEV crossover. But timing is everything and the sedan's time is, for now, past its prime. Just ask Ford. And it's too bad, really, because this rendered tenth-generation Mitsubishi Galant is a bold-looking family sedan.

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