This Is The Car You'll Want After Taking Your Mafia Blood Oath

Read it: roughly 18 ft. long and 4,000 lbs.

Cars like these aren’t meant to go fast. They’re about making a statement. They represent power and authority. But sadly, big cruisers, notably coupes, are long gone. We’re talking about the old Cadillac Eldorados, Lincoln Continentals, and Dodge Monacos from the 1960s and 70s. If Tony Soprano were on TV back then, he’d more than likely be driving around in one of these instead of the Chevy Suburban and later a Cadillac Escalade. Both of those are great SUVs, but they don’t quite have that mafia-like allure of those land yachts.

But what if you were to rescue an old Monaco from the crusher, fix it up and add some modern amenities? That’s what this episode of /Drive’s Tuned is all about.

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