This Is The Cheapest New Car You Can Buy For 2017 In The US


And it's not the first time it's been the cheapest.

Buying a brand new car in the US for less than $10,000 is no longer possible. But if you’re in the market for a new car and want something that’s brand new off the lot and not used, has run the numbers and concluded that the Nissan Versa sedan is the cheapest new car you can buy for 2017. Again. The Versa sedan was also the cheapest new car in the US back in 2014. At the time it based at $11,990. For 2017, Nissan is charging a minimum of $12,825 for the latest bare bones Versa.

Unless there’s a last minute price decrease from any of its competitors, the Versa sedan will still be the cheapest once the destination charged is factored in. So what do you get with the base trim Versa S sedan? A somewhat decent amount. Along with a five-speed manual transmission, air conditioning, and power mirrors, buyers will also enjoy a four-speaker stereo with steering-wheel audio controls and Bluetooth. However, when you pay less than thirteen grand for a car, you’re going to miss out on things like power windows (yes, it has crank windows), power door locks, and a height-adjustable driver’s seat. Oh, the center armrest and folding rear seats?

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Also absent. Thing is, Nissan dealerships keep very few, if any, Versa S sedans in stock. Customers willing to spend a bit more for the $14,825 Versa S Plus will benefit from a CVT transmission and cruise control. Nissan also claims that, for the most part, customers prefer to pay a bit extra to have that CVT.