This Is The Checklist If You Want To Be A Ford GT Owner

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To get one of the 500 GTs, you need to prove yourself worthy!

We have known for a while that the process to get your hands on a new Ford GT was going to be thorough. Basically, Ford wants to make sure that the people who buy the car will actually drive it instead of stuffing it in a garage and hiding it under a car cover. We had heard rumors that Ford would be targeting people with social media followings that would show off their cars. Many people were speculating how Ford was going to determine all of this, and now we finally know. In order to get a new GT, here are the questions you need to answer.

First, you have to live in one of the Ford-approved countries. After providing your information, the automaker will begin to ask about your involvement with the brand. You will be asked if you are a collector, motorsport enthusiast, business owner, and if you have owned the previous Ford GT. Apparently, the more GTs you have owned, the better your chances. Former GT owners are also asked if they have driven their supercar on a racetrack and if they are members of GT clubs and if they go to events. There will also be preference given to those who own "historically significant" Fords. Finally, showing that you have a large social media following and participate in racing is important.

Ford wants to know that you will be showing the car off, and that you know how to handle such a fast car on a racetrack. This whole process seems a little crazy. It is hard to believe that people would want to go through this just for the opportunity to buy a car. It will undoubtedly create huge demand, although Ford is rumored to force customers into a contract that will prevent them from flipping the car. Enjoy reading some of the hilarious questions that Ford will be asking its customers. There is even an open response section where you can make a video to prove to Ford how special you are. Let's see which YouTube and Vine stars are awesome enough to get one!

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