This is the Clearest Sign Yet Jaguar is Planning an EV

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Trademarking the name "EV-Type" is a pretty good giveaway.

Jaguar has been on a roll lately, largely thanks to its new F-Type and BMW 3 Series-fighting XE. What's more, a crossover based on the C-X17 Concept is also on the way. But Autoguide has just reported on something else that should prove to be very interesting in Jag's future lineup. The UK-based automaker has just filed trademark applications in both the US and Europe for the name "EV-Type." No other details were given. Let the guessing game begin.

Typically, Jaguar utilizes the "-Type" designation for its sports cars. It has used it in the past for its now long gone S-Type and X-Type sedans. The bottom line is that the F-Type is the only current model with "-Type," and it goes without saying that it's a sports car. So is Jaguar planning an EV version of the F-Type? Could it be something else altogether? Jaguar has already announced that an AWD version of the F-Type will premiere next week at the LA Auto Show. Perhaps a surprise revelation could be in order as well.

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