This Is The Coolest Car Modification You Can Do At Home

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No specialist training required.

There are a ton of mods you can make to your car, but how many can be done from the comfort of your garage? If you want a new set of wheels, a new body kit or improved performance, you're gonna have to visit a professional. The same goes for a new paint job. But paint is no longer the only way to change your car's color. Wraps have been around for a while, and the latest craze is dipping. The alternative solution is not only cheaper than paint, but can also be done yourself.

The guys at DipYourCar have everything you need to get the job done at home. And the following video shows regular car guys doing exactly that. If you don't have the time or space, you can also find an authorized DYC installer who'll handle the process for you. But we recommend giving this a go on your own. It looks like awesome fun.

For more information on how you can Dip Your Car, visit the company website or follow them on Facebook.

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