This Is The Coolest Collection Of Porsche Models That Are NOT The 911

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Yes, Porsche made other sports cars and some of them were pretty great.

The Porsche Museum has opened up a new exhibit that pays tribute to all of the company's transaxle cars. In 1976, Porsche revealed its first transaxle car, the 924. A transaxle car has its engine in the front and the transmission at the rear axle. The 924, 928, 944 and 968 were all built this way so Porsche definitely stuck with the idea for a while, although not as long as it has with the whole engine in the back 911. Nearly 400,000 of these cars were sold which brought huge financial success to Porsche.

Porsche Museum

The exhibit, which opened April 27 and will run until to October 16, 2016, features rare production and concept versions of the transaxle models. You can visit the museum to see special models like the 928 S4 cabriolet concept and learn all about what made the transaxle such a good idea. We love the 928 and have even pegged it as a future collectible. These cars were extremely well-balanced and practical for every day use. The 911 certainly isn't the only sports car Porsche has ever made, and now you can go see the best of the rest. For more information, check out the museum's website.

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