This Is The Craziest Car You'll See On Craigslist This Week

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It's price has dropped by $7 million since we last saw it for sale.

When it comes to buying cars online, Craigslist offers the widest and strangest selection around. You can find everything from a piece of Mustang history to an insultingly fake Bugatti Veyron for sale there. Craigslist is the gift to gearheads that keeps on giving, and as such we're going to start sharing our Craziest Craigslist Finds of the Week. First up in the series is the IAD (Intense Automotive Design) Land Shark, aka the Mosler MT900 GTR XX. Avid readers, do you recognize this car?

The last time the IAD Land Shark graced the pages of CarBuzz it was listed on eBay for an astounding $7.5 million. That was a few years ago and now that price has dropped precipitously and settled at $550,000. What makes this car worth half a million? This custom job is based off of the Mosler MT900, an American supercar powered by an LS1 V8 making 350 horsepower. That's not an overly impressive figure but the car weighed in at just 2,590 pounds. So what is so different about the IAD Land Shark, aka the GTR XX? Back when the car was on eBay it was said to kick out 4,400+ horsepower and hit 305 mph. Both of those claims sound like pure crap and indeed those figures aren't even mentioned in the new Craigslist ad.

All you get in terms of engine info is that the IAD Land Shark is powered by a V8 "RHS LS Tall Deck Race Block Twin-Turbo Engine" and that the horsepower is adjustable. Cool. Another fun tidbit is that, despite being manual out the box, the seller is offering a seven-speed automatic (complete with paddle shifters) for purchase. Other than that, well we do learn that the car has 1,800 miles on it and was in the movie "The Green Hornet." Oh, and it's apparently really popular at auto shows. Seriously, those last two things were both listed as selling points. They aren't the worst selling points in the world but normally supercars sell themselves. Speaking of selling, why is the owner trying to offload such a magnificent and rare beast?

Apparently the seller needs the cash to fund two new supercar projects. Luckily you don't exactly need $550,000 to buy this car as this is a motivated seller who is "OPEN TO ALL OFFERS." Hell, there's even the option to do a partial trade should you have a vintage racing Porsche or Ferrari you don't want anymore. As Craigslist cars go, the IAD Land Shark is certainly crazy. It's not often that a one-off supercar with a history shrouded in mystery pops up for sale in the SF Bay Area autos section. As the post says, "This is truly the car of Silicon Valley Kings!"

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