This Is The Craziest Motorcycle Jump You'll Ever See

Not even Evel Knievel would have tried this.

Being likened to Evel Knievel is no easy task. But Australian motorcycle rider Josh Sheehan has just entered the history books after becoming the first person to land a triple backflip on a motorcross bike. It was a jump that took one full year or preparation, with Sheehan landing into air bags before attempting it on a proper ramp at Pastranaland, an action sports park in Maryland, owned by Tavis Pastrana. Reaching a speed of 60 mph, the 29-year-old hit a 37-foot takeoff ramp at an 81-degree angle, which propelled him 80 feet into the air.

That was enough for the rider to whip his 91-kg motorcycle three full revolutions in reverse before landing it in front of a screaming crowd. Get ready to watch something really special.

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