This Is The Craziest One-Off Pagani Zonda Yet


20 years later, the Zonda still refuses to die.

The Pagani Zonda ended production back in 2012 to make way for the new Huayra, but the mid-engine exotic still refuses to die. 20 years after the supercar first entered production, Pagani is still making one-off versions of the legendary Zonda for clients who have deep enough pockets to commission them. And this latest bespoke Zonda might be the craziest example yet.

Unfortunately, we don’t have any photos of Pagani’s latest creation yet, but renders released by the Italian automaker show it will be based on the Zonda Roadster and will sport an eye-catching purple paint job similar to Lewis Hamilton’s custom Zonda 760LH. It also has a unique name: the Zun.

At the front, the Zun features a custom hood with carbon fiber air extractors, a carbon fiber accent in the shape of an arrowhead, carbon fiber canards and a carbon splitter.

Elsewhere, the Zun features a roof scoop similar to the one found in the Cinque Roadster, which is connected seamlessly to a carbon fiber fin attached to the rear wing. The wing looks larger than most other Zondas in the one-off 760 series and even includes a small secondary wing painted purple that matches the color of the rear diffuser. This makes the Zun the most aggressive-looking one-off Zonda we’ve seen yet. The purple theme also continues in the interior, as the air vents, gear shifter, and other trim elements are finished in the vibrant color.

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It isn’t known which specific Zonda the Zun is based on, but power will be sourced by a 7.3-liter, naturally-aspirated AMG engine with around 760 hp. While the Zun is one of many bespoke Zondas, Pagani is also currently cooking up a batch of limited-edition Huayras. A prototype of the hardcore Huayra was recently caught racing around the Franciacorta Circuit in Italy with more aggressive aero and possibly even more power on tap than the 745-hp Huayra BC.