This Is The Craziest Porsche Exhaust You'll Ever See

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Thankfully, it's not meant to be seen again.

The Porsche 911 GT3 RS is one of the greatest performance cars of our generation. While the next generation of the iconic sports car will push the bar even further, there are those among us who like to modify factory cars in various ways. Sometimes, this means an unusual engine swap while other times it means an upgrade of everything that makes the 911 great on the track. However, for Taiwanese specialist iPE Exhaust, conventional upgrades can get boring. As part of a marketing stunt for the company's camo ceramic-coated exhaust, the GT3 RS below sports the most insane titanium exhaust tips ever seen on a Porker.

iPE Exhaust iPE Exhaust

As you can see, the skyward-pointing mufflers are stunningly built but obnoxiously angled and far too big to ever be considered classy. For those of you familiar with old-school Japanese tuning culture, this Bosozoku-style exhaust setup is not all that unusual. Still, it's not all that often that you'll see such a crazy change made to something as awesome as a GT3 RS. Although clearly inspired by one of Japan's earliest forms of customization, iPE Exhaust calls this a 'Maru-So' exhaust. Apparently, the owner of the car "has experience in that era" of modification. Presumably, the owner made a special request and the exhaust-maker jumped at the opportunity to grab headlines.

iPE Exhaust iPE Exhaust

Fortunately, this should be the first and last time that such a creation scars our eyes - at least from this company. iPE says that this exhaust setup is a one-off that was created just for fun, and the company will not be offering it as an available product. Naturally, we have many questions: Why did the owner think this was a good idea? Why did the owner do this to a track-honed Porsche, of all things? And is it permanent, or will a more conventional system be fitted again? We don't know the answers to any of these, but as long as it makes the owner happy, who are we to judge?

iPE Exhaust iPE Exhaust

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