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This Is The Easiest Way To Steal A Honda Accord

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Or any car for that matter.

Typically, stealing a car involves making a mess. For example, a thief might have to break a window to get inside or fiddle with the steering column when trying to hot-wire the car. But it turns out there's a much, much easier way to steal a car that's guaranteed not to cause any damage, and a woman hailing from the great state of Michigan has just discovered how it's done.

According to The Oakland Press, an approximately 45-year-old woman walked in the door of Page Honda in Bloomfield Hills earlier this month and requested to test drive a brand new 2019 Accord sedan. The salesperson, of course, complied and she was handed the keys.

To help make the test drive a more, shall we say, relaxing experience, the unnamed woman was allowed to take the Accord for a spin by herself. That turned out to be a mistake. After she failed to return the car, the dealership was forced to call the police to report it stolen.

As of this writing, the Accord has yet to turn up. More than likely, the dealership made a copy of her driver's license to prevent situations exactly like this. But what if the license was a fake? It probably was because there's no indication the woman has been located. The home address was also likely bogus. Police are asking anyone with information that could lead to finding the thief to call the Bloomfield Township police at 248-433-7755.

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It's also worth noting the woman's choice to steal a Honda Accord was not surprising. The Accord has for years been one of the most stolen cars in America, although it's not number one. That honor belongs to the 1998 Honda Civic. What can we say? The Honda Accord is a great car and has a reputation for excellence amongst law-abiding citizens and criminals alike.