This Is The Ferrari LaFerrari Spider

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Although, for now we'll have to call it the open-top LaFerrari.

Not to be outdone by Aston's new hypercar, Ferrari has today revealed the very first pictures of the open-top LaFerrari, announcing that the specs, final name and technical characteristics will be revealed at the Paris Motor Show at the end of September. We told you the LaFerrari Spider would look good in any color. While we have been calling it the LaFerrari Spider for the last couple of years, Ferrari is giving it the name LaFerrari Aperta on its website. (Although Aperta is simply the Italian word for open).


Whatever it's called, the drop-top LaFerrari will come with a removable carbon-fiber hard top and removable soft top, while boasting the same running gear and performance as the LaFerrari coupe. So a 800-hp V12 married to a 163-hp electric motor for a total of 963 hp. Aerodynamic upgrades and chassis modifications have also been made to ensure the drag coefficient, torsional rigidity and beam stiffness are maintained in the open-top configuration.

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