This Is The Fiesta RS Ultimate Hot Hatch Ford Must Build


Guaranteed to be awesome and cheaper than a Mini JCW.

No question that the newly revealed Ford Focus RS is going to be one hell of a hot hatch. It may just end up being the segment's new benchmark, swiping it away from the Volkswagen Golf R. We also know that Ford is planning to utilize the newly developed Focus RS' all-wheel-drive system in other future models. An AWD Mustang? That's doubtful. A hot Fusion? Very possible, but what we really want to see is a Fiesta RS. Technically it's doable but what's still unknown is whether that AWD system can be adapted to the smaller hatchback.

We've heard that weight is an issue here, but we have faith Ford can figure out a solution. And now rendering artist X-Tomi Design has drawn up some images as to what a Fiesta RS could look like. Incorporating elements of Focus RS styling, we really like what we're seeing. So yes, Ford, please find a way to make this one happen. The small hot hatch world would very much appreciate it.

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