This Is The First And Only Mazda2 That Doesn't Suck And Americans Can't Have It

Well, it still sucks in one way.

Unless you drive one or have rented one there’s probably not much you know about the Mazda2. Honestly, that’s okay. Mazda’s baby hatch has been pulled from the US market due to the fact that it was unable to compete with the Honda Fits and Ford Fiestas of the world due to its general boring look and lack of power. Well the new 2 has a much better design and looks especially striking here. This is the 2 Sport Black, a special edition available only in the UK.

Now this hatchback is still slow by US standards, with only 89 bhp coming out of its 1.5-liter engine. Still, it looks damn good thanks to Mazda’s new Kodo design language. The front and side skirts and roof spoiler make it look pretty aggressive as well. Hell, even the optional graphics look good! Other goodies include 16-inch alloys and a 7-inch touchscreen navigation system. The small hatchback segment in the US is fairly crowded but there’s always room for competition, especially when a new entrant looks as good as the Mazda2 Sport Black. Now we just need to talk about a more powerful engine…

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