This Is The First Ever Video Of The Model X's Gullwing Doors In Action!

So that's how those wacky doors work.

It sounds silly, but watching the Tesla Model X open its doors is kind of cool. Yeah, those doors, as in the wacky gullwing ones in the rear. The only reason why it’s awesome is because we haven’t seen it before. Crazy, right? There are tons of photos of the SUV but no footage of its spaceship-esque doors opening or closing. Of course that’s all changed thanks to YouTuber Susan Lee. Lee spotted the SUV in a parking lot and tracked it down, arriving just in time to see the doors in action.

This video gives us our best look yet at how gullwing doors on a four-door work. The squeeze is a bit tight and there is one “ghetto” moment but overall the Model X’s doors still look incredible.

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