This Is The First Huracan We've Seen With Lamborghini's $22,500 Aerodynamics Kit

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It looks cool, but does it actually do anything?

If there's one thing that Lamborghini and its owners have in common, it's to leave their cars stock. Usually upgraded versions such as the Aventador SV feature reduced weight, a smidge of extra horsepower, and extra styling upgrades to really drive the point home. Recently we updated our dear readers on the Huracan's new aerodynamics package with a computer-generated image of the car sent in by one of our sources although a real-life example had escaped us.

Now, it appears that one of the first Huracans with the kit has made it to the Lamborghini of Newport Beach dealership with only 1,010 miles on the clock. The 2016 model is one of the first we have seen in the metal with the $22,500 upgrade. For that price, the same as the cost of a new Jeep Wrangler, a Huracan buyer gets an extended front lip, an elongated rear diffuser, and side skirts. The most obvious difference between the aerodynamics package and a "normal" Huracan is an aggressive rear wing shaped like a bull's horns sticking out of the rear end. As one would expect for an option that bleeds into the five-digit Lamborghini price range, all of these components are made of favorite material: carbon fiber.

Typical of Lamborghini, the effect of the aerodynamics package is not made clear, although we'd assume it at least has some effect on lap times. Perhaps more important than higher cornering speeds is the fact that it does manage to give the car more of an evil look. This should help lull in attention-seeking buyers who don't even flinch when seeing the price of the option. Aside from the kit and eye-popping paint job featuring contrasting white with red stripes, this Lamborghini has a few other show-off options. A sport exhaust is tacked on with the carbon fiber engine bay and LED lighting, which can be seen from the optional clear engine cover that shows off the 5.2-liter V10. In case you were wondering, the price of the Huracan slides in just $12 under $300,000.

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