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This is The First LaFerrari Delivered in the US


And it's about time.

The world has been enjoying Ferarri's new super car, the LaFerrari, for some time now however Americans have been stuck having to rely on the internet for pictures and videos. Well, now the first of its kind has been delivered to an owner in the United States. Before the delivery took place, Ferrari held a special track session with the hybrid supercar at Mount Tremblant.

Those of you with a sharp eye will notice right away the difference between the US spec and the rest of the world. Thanks to government regulations, American LaFerraris have been outfitted with those rather unfortunate side markers. Although we suppose with 950hp, it might be easy to look past it. Out of the 499 units produced, 120 of them are destined for the United States, so soon we should start seeing a lot more of Maranello's flagship

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