This is the First Mini Paceman Pickup

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Built by BMW Group trainees, it actually looks pretty awesome.

This looks like way more fun than any summer internship or training we ever had: this Mini Paceman Pickup is actually a project completed by BMW Group trainees (and their trainers). The Paceman Pickup was made by chopping the roof off of a standard model, following some body reinforcements and additional bracing. Next, the loading area was removed, and replaced with a checkered plate. The B-pillar and underbody were also adapted, allowing for ride quality as smooth as that of the original Paceman.

The team of designers then added extra headlights, a shortened roof and off-road gear and tires, completing the pickup's rugged look. While the car is street-legal, there are supposedly no plans to manufacture it just yet. Of course, with BMW's recent bombardment of new models, you never really know.
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