This Is The First Sighting Of The Beastly McLaren 688 High Sport

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The fastest McLaren now that the P1 is out of production.

McLaren has not done a very good job of keeping the existence of the limited edition 688HS (High Sport) a secret. In fact, news of the car's existence first leaked back in May of this year. But those shots that got out weren't of the car in the metal. But now we have said shots, courtesy of the enthusiasts over at the McLaren Life forum. Now that production of the P1 has concluded, the 688HS will take over as the fastest car produced by McLaren. As we reported earlier the supercar is not a new model but rather a limited-run based on the 650S/675LT.

How the photo was acquired is a mystery at this point, but it appears to have been taken inside the McLaren factory or some other sort of production facility. You can also see another McLaren peeking out from behind the 688HS, although we can't tell if that is the same model in a different color or a different model entirely. As for power and performance, expect the limited edition to pack McLaren's standard twin-turbo 3.8-liter V8 engine with a bump in power over the 675LT's 666 horses. It's also a smart bet that the 688HS will make more downforce than the 675LT, given that this is a limited run and all. Whether or not the car will be meant to run strictly on the track remains to be seen. Expect to see the 688HS make its public debut soon at either Pebble Beach or Paris.

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