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This Is The First Special-Project Ferrari To Head To Auction

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The one-of-a-kind Ferrari SP30 is going up for auction in Paris.

If you have money, you might spend some of it on a Ferrari. But if you have a lot of money, you can commission your own through the manufacturer's Special Projects division. That's what the owner of this particular one-off Prancing Horse did, and now he's putting it up for auction.

The only one of its kind ever made, the SP30 was based on the 599 GTO, but was almost completely rebodied to its commissioning owner's specifications. It borrows some elements from the 599 XX and others (like the headlights) from the 458 Italia, but the rest is all custom.

The SP30 is believed to have been commissioned by one Cheerag Arya – an Indian petrochemical tycoon who reportedly had to flee Dubai when his business collapsed. He put the car – one of several Ferraris he's said to have owned – up for sale with a dealer in Texas a few months back, but evidently having failed to secure the right price, he (or his creditors) are now putting it up for auction instead. That, according to RM Sotheby's, makes this the first special-project Ferrari to ever have been offered publicly for sale, consigned for its Paris auction next month.

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We've only seen about a third of the 40 such unique creations believed to have been crafted since Ferrari launched its Special Projects division in 2008 – each rolling masterpiece completely different from any other.

"Our offering of the Ferrari SP30 is an unprecedented opportunity to acquire something truly unique," said RM's Augustin Sabatié-Garat. "The SP30 is an incredible example of the lost art of modern-coachbuilding, and an important piece of Ferrari history that is reminiscent of the one-offs from the legendary Enzo-era."

Since taking possession in 2011, Arya drove the car less than 70 miles, leaving it in rather pristine condition.