This Is The First Teaser For Cars 3 And It Looks Spectacular

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This one looks darker and grittier than ever before.

Disney-Pixar has created some of the most memorable animated movies in history, and while certain critics have dissed the Cars franchise with Cars 2 receiving the lowest IMDB rating of any Pixar movie at just 6.3/10, it appears that Cars 3 will make up for the disappointment of the second movie. Pixar has released the first teaser-trailer for Cars 3, and the franchise seems to be heading in a completely different direction.

The trailer is less than 50 seconds long, but we get a good sense that this movie will be a lot darker and grittier than the first two films.

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We see the main character, Lighting McQueen, who has seemingly been racing for a long time. We see Owen Wilson's character leading the race, when a tire blowout causes what looks to be a horrific accident. The competition is eventually replaced with electric vehicles as time lapses. This film looks like it will explore a lot of the trends that are taking place in the automotive industry and give us what is shaping up to be an interesting story about what happens to a race car that is out of its prime. Cars 3 opens in US cinemas June 16, 2017.

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