This Is The Ford Bronco Rival GMC Needs To Build

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Fortune favors the bold.

The new Ford Bronco has one clear target: the Jeep Wrangler. This is the off-road SUV battle between two Detroit rivals we've been waiting for years to see. But where's General Motors? It seems like a lifetime ago when both the Chevy Blazer and Trailblazer were body-on-frame SUVs but now they're car-based crossovers. So it goes. GMC, meanwhile, is too busy trying to attract customers who feel the Chevy brand is beneath them but aren't interested in a Cadillac Escalade or XT5 because they want off-road styling rather than bling.

However, GMC is clearly missing out on a huge opportunity and we're still waiting for the day when it announces the rebirth of the Jimmy. The new GMC Hummer EV is in a completely different segment, both in terms of powertrain and pricing. What GMC needs is a more affordable, combustion-powered Bronco and Wrangler rival.

Designer Ryan Schlotthauer has created what might just be the perfect starting point. Perhaps GMC should even hire him following the completion of his Cadillac Studio internship.

What you're looking at is a proposal for the GMC Boulder concept. It appears to blend elements of the new Hummer EV along with its own distinct attitude. Notice the tow hooks in the front bumper, unique headlight signature, the serious off-road rubber and squared-off fenders. The flat fascia hints at an all-electric powertrain is lurking inside, and the two-door body style with coach doors is a cool touch.
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The interior looks pretty radical as well with relatively few physical buttons and a generally clean appearance. The top is dominated by an interesting cargo system that boasts three crossbars and LED lights along the sides. Out back, the GMC logo is proudly displayed across the tailgate while a spare tire and wheel are mounted on the rear hatch with a fully integrated design. There are other hints of new technologies, like LiDAR that can scan the terrain ahead.

It's entirely up to GM management whether or not to proceed with this concept and give GMC the mid-size retro off-roader it so desperately needs.

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