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This Is The Future Of Commercial Vans

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Sleek, practical, with 340 miles of range and Level 4 autonomy, VW introduces the latest addition to the ID Buzz family.

We could barely contain our excitement when Volkswagen first showed off the ID Buzz, a concept electric vehicle to act as the long-awaiting replacement for the Microbus. The ID Buzz will join VW's electric ID model range, which will likely include a sedan and a crossover.

We're still a few years away from seeing any of these vehicles reach production, but that hasn't stopped VW from revealing yet another concept. It's called the ID Buzz Cargo, and it is essentially a commercial van version of the ID Buzz concept.

The similarities to the original ID Buzz are clear, but the Cargo clearly differs with a lack of windows. Instead of being built to haul passengers, the ID Buzz Cargo is a commercial vehicle designed to haul lots of stuff.

The futuristic van features solar panels on the roof (adding up to 9.3-miles of range per day), wide-opening rear wing doors, and no sliding door on the driver's side, while the front doors and sliding passenger's side door can be opened electronically.

Inside, the seats of the passenger version have been ditched in favor of shelves, though VW hasn't posted any pictures of the interior, so it's difficult for us to speculate on how it looks.

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VW has lofty goals for this concept to become the future of commercial vehicles. The ID Buzz Cargo is very forward thinking with Level 4 Autonomous technology, up to 340-miles of electric range with the option for different battery sizes, a 201-horsepower electric motor good for speeds up to 99 mph, and a unique interior with customizable seats and workspaces as well as a connected Digital cargo system. This cargo system can connect to tablets and laptops to manage freight and equipment within the vehicle.

The ID Buzz Cargo has also been made longer than the original ID Buzz Concept to allow for more space, and VW says the 48-kWh battery can be charged to 80 percent capacity in just 15 minutes.

If all of the VW's claims turn out to be true, this concept really could change the future of commercial vehicles, and businesses will likely flock to it if governments offer any sort of tax incentives. Don't expect to see a production version any time soon, but VW says it could arrive as early as 2021.