This Is The Future Of The Porsche 911

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A new concept has emerged, and it changes everything.

The Porsche 911 is one of the most iconic sportscars ever, and without a doubt handles like nothing else on the road. It also happens to be one of the few cars that almost anyone on the planet can recognize instantly thanks to a design that has always been more evolutionary than revolutionary. While the overall shape is unlikely to ever change, new directions have been taken in design over the past decade and now Paul Breshke, a concept artist from Poland, has unveiled his vision of future Stuttgart's favorite sportscar.

Messing with a design that exists almost exclusively to maintain a rear-engined layout may seem like a big risk, but as the future draws in and our reliance on fossil fuels is reduced, automakers will want to remind the world of what made them famous.

Paul Breshke Paul Breshke Paul Breshke Paul Breshke

Despite an aggressive new approach and the usual extravagance with flair that is seen on most renders and concepts, Breshke's "Cyber 911" also integrates numerous existing and past Porsche design elements. The headlights are clearly inspired by those on the magnificent new Porsche Taycan and are far less of a departure from tradition than those we saw on one of Brehke's previous efforts that completely rewrote what a Ferrari of the future may look like. The wheels, as ridiculously futuristic as they are, also pay tribute to the car's history with center-lock nuts. Meanwhile, the area in which a 911 houses its engine features an extraction fan much like you'd see under the spoiler on a present-day 911.

Paul Breshke Paul Breshke Paul Breshke Paul Breshke

Breshke says: "The aim was to achieve a bit of a raw style which could refer to a CYBER world, but simultaneously to keep some soft surfaces [...] to make the silhouette coherent. It was a hard task to do because the iconic stylistic of (the)911 for me is incredible and I did not intend to argue with it, I only wanted to present (this) Porsche model in a different light."

No suggestions are made by Breshke as to what kind of powertrain would do duty here, but the slim nature of the various grilles and the blue elements that are highlighted in the tailpipes indicate a fully-electric system. If it were to use the base 4S Taycan's system with 523 horsepower and 479 lb-ft of torque, we have no doubt that the 911 of the future would comfortably achieve 0-60 mph in under three seconds.

Paul Breshke Paul Breshke Paul Breshke Paul Breshke

The design isn't just limited to the body either, and a simple, driver-focused cabin has been rendered too. Various switches along the center console would likely control things like the parking brake and drive mode functions, while a start/stop button on the left of the steering wheel is placed close to the door handle, ensuring you don't allow your electric sports car to run once you exit the vehicle. A curved screen behind the F1-style steering wheel would keep the driver focused on what lies ahead. While familiar elements are present in the cockpit too, this design would likely be met with plenty of resistance from the purists.

Would you be on board with Porsches of tomorrow looking like this? Is it too much? Let us know in the comments.

Paul Breshke Paul Breshke Paul Breshke Paul Breshke
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