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This Is The Golf GTI Volkswagen Refused To Build

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How does 340 horsepower sound to you?

The Volkswagen Golf GTI has long been one of our favorite hot hatches, and likely will remain so for the foreseeable future and with subsequent iterations to come. But that doesn't mean it doesn't have any room for improvement. And improve upon it is just what Abt has done with its latest tuning job.

One of the top tuners of Volkswagen Group products, Abt Sportsline has started here with the Golf GTI TCR, which was already one of the most focused, hardcore versions of the iconic pocket rocket to date. But Abt has taken it even further.

Instead of 290 horsepower, the German tuner has ratcheted up the output to a prodigious 340 hp. And where the standard GTI TCR kicks out 280 lb-ft of torque, Abt's produces 317 lb-ft. That's enough, according to the aftermarket customizer, to drop the 0-62 mph time down from 5.6 seconds to 5.4, increasing top speed in the process from under 162 mph to beyond 164 mph.

As you might expect, though, it hasn't just tinkered with the engine control unit and left things there. Abt has also fitted its own coilover suspension, custom springs, and anti-roll bar, all with the aim of further improving the hot hatch's handling.

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This particular unit pictured is also fitted with a set of 20-inch alloys to fill those wheel wells and give it added presence on the road that will further ensure it's not mistaken for your average work-a-day Golf.

Add all that to a model that's already one of the fastest, most capable front-driving tools on the road. Inspired by the competition-spec touring car, the "standard” GTI TCR (pictured below in red) is a further enhancement upon the Golf GTI Performance model, but sadly not one available here on this side of the Atlantic.