This Is The Greatest Porsche Paint Color Of All Time

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According to the people.

The 2021 NCAA Men's Division I Basketball Tournament (also referred to as March Madness) is over, and Baylor has emerged victorious. This is huge news in the sports world, but CarBuzz readers might be more interested to hear which color was crowned the winner in Porsche's Tournament of Colors on Twitter. Starting last month, Porsche hosted a March Madness-style bracket and let fans vote on their favorite paint colors in head-to-head matchups.

Porsche has some amazing paint colors throughout its long history, but the list was narrowed down to just 64 options grouped into classic, metallic, non-metallic, and modern. Each color was awarded a seed within its bracket, ranging from 16 to one based on popularity. The winning hue was a two seed from the metallic bracket.
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The final four included Guards Red (a seven seed) representing classic, Miami Blue (a five seed) representing modern, Sapphire Blue (a two seed) representing metallic, and Voodoo Blue (a one seed) representing non-metallic. Though it has far less history in Porsche's lineup, Miami Blue defeated Guards Red with 53.8% of the vote. Sapphire Blue pulled an astonishing upset over the one seed Voodoo Blue, winning with 57.2% of votes.

In the final matchup between the two most popular blue colors, Sapphire Blue Metallic ultimately won out, barely edging out Miami Blue with 51% of nearly 3,000 Twitter votes. For a color that didn't appear on the Porsche 911 until 2017, Miami Blue fared incredibly well in this contest.

Porsche Porsche

The results from this bracket show that Porsche fans love the color blue. In addition to the three blues that reached the top four, Night Blue Metallic (a 14 seed) and Mexico Blue (a one seed) reached the top eight, meaning that five of the eight most popular Porsche colors of all time are different shades of blue.

Another clear result from the bracket is that Porsche's online fans prefer interesting colors. Jet Black Metallic (a five seed) was the only non-color to make it into the top eight with Black (a 10 seed) being the only other non-color to crack the top 16. So the next time you find yourself ordering a brand-new Porsche, remember to pick a cool color.

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