This Is The Greatest Way Ever To Get A Girl's Attention With A Car

Pick-up game, STRONG.

There are plenty of methods to get a girl’s attention with a car. One tried and true method is, of course, to have a flashy ride. Driving a Ferrari or a Lamborghini will always greatly enhance your roadside pick-up game. If you do not have access to a sexy Italian supercar, like most of us, another favorite method is the “roll by.” To initiate a roll by, simply roll down your windows, blast your favorite new rap song and drive by the lady (or ladies) that you’re trying to impress.

Of course, if these first two options are not possible for you, or are simply just not your style, you may want to try a third more direct method. Check out how the cop car in this video gets the attention of a sexy long-legged brunette. This guy is a smooth operator.

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