This is the Lamborghini Gallardo Successor

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It's still undergoing testing, but the highly anticipated Gallardo replacement is due to arrive very soon.

Perhaps one of the most anticipated cars that will debut sometime this year or early next, the Lamborghini Gallardo replacement has some big shoes to fill. Rumored to be named the Cabrera, the Italian supercar builder's new V10-powered bull has been caught testing in prototype form in these fresh spy images. From what we can tell, the overall dimensions look to be roughly similar to those of the Gallardo. Curb weight, however, will decrease thanks to heavy doses of carbon fiber and other lightweight materials throughout.

Previous renderings have shown the overall look to be more evolutionary than revolutionary, although there'll likely be plenty of Aventador-inspired styling in there as well. Due to the camouflage that's so inconveniently obstructing our view, we think we can also make out some Sesto Elemento styling at the rear. A concept version will supposedly debut at Frankfurt next month, but it looks like Geneva is being saved for the new Lambo's official debut.

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