This is the Last BMW M3 Coupe

As BMW gears up for 4 Series production, the final M3 Coupe has just rolled off the production line.

Don’t be too sad, but for the record, there will never be another BMW called the M3 Coupe. While the M3 Sedan will still very much remain in existence, its two-door counterpart is finished. Finito. Fortunately, the new M4 Coupe is just around the corner and will replace the outgoing M3. You see, BMW is revising its model naming strategy with the 3 Series lineup, calling the coupe variant the 4 Series. How clever. And now the outgoing BMW M3 is wrapping up production, with the final M3 Coupe just having rolled off the production line.

And it’s orange. To commemorate the M3 Coupe throughout its history, BMW has made note that since it first launched the first M3 Coupe in 1986, more than 40,000 examples have been built. The sedan and convertible didn’t come until after the original M3 Coupe debuted. Also take note that the E90/92/93 M3 lineup will be the last to have a V8 under the hood; the new M3/M4 will likely be powered by a twin-turbo inline-six. For now, details about the next M3/M4 are still not official, and BMW says that production of the current M3 convertible will keep going until September.

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