This Is The Last Car You'd Expect To Get A Brabus Upgrade


It's missing one crucial ingredient, however.

Of all the dinky performance superminis that we don't get, the Smart ForTwo Brabus is possibly the most interesting. The Brabus connection automatically puts this tiny two-seater on our radar, and - even though the 108-hp output isn't exactly dizzying by Brabus standards - having a whole 0.9-liter's worth of turbocharged oomph in a petite urban runabout is still an enticing combination. As a result, we were especially excited to hear that Smart dealers in the States are now offering Brabus kits on the ForTwo range.

Our rejoicing was quickly toned down somewhat, however, when we discovered that this Brabus Sport Package won't turn it into the shopping cart-sized performance car. Instead, the extra has - as stated in the press pack - been positioned more as a $1,900 add-on that "expands the customization options on Smart ForTwo Coupe and Cabrio models." As a result, a lot of the changes this optional extra brings to the table are mostly cosmetic bits that copy what's seen on the legit Brabus model, with highlights being the front spoiler, the matte gray rear diffuser, the three-spoke sports steering wheel and the brushed stainless steel pedal setup.

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Before this starts sounding like a monumental cash grab from Smart, it's worth pointing out that the package does include some mechanical upgrades as well. The new suspension components drop the ride height by 10 mm, with the stiffer anti-roll bars and the Brabus-tuned damper settings allegedly improving the handling over a regular ForTwo. Likewise, having stickier Yokohama should endow the Brabus Sport Package-equipped Smart ForTwo with a bit more fun to drive. Whether these extras are worth the nigh-on two grand premium is up to you to decide, but we'll accept the Brabus Sport Package's presence in the options list if it genuinely is the closest we'll ever get to having a legit Brabus ForTwo on sale in the US.