This Is The Last Place You'd Expect A Car To Smash Into A Cyclist

It's just dripping with irony.

Of all places and of all moments, this happened. You can’t make stuff up like this even if you tried. The irony is just too hilarious, and it happened at the 2015 Ronde van Vlaanderen (Tour of Flanders). That’s a cycling race held in Belgium every spring and is a part of the UCI World Tour. Anyway, the goal for the participating cyclists is not only to win but also to avoid accidents. Collisions with other bikers and the occasional fence post have happened, obviously.

But the one thing you’d think that wouldn’t happen in a cycling race just did: a car hit a biker. What’s more, the car was being used as race aid, and it was advertising Shimano brakes. Oh the irony.

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