This Is The LAST Thing You Want To See When Driving An 806-HP Lamborghini

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This idiot almost ruined an epic test drive.

Poor Matt Farah. The beloved gearhead was driving a supercharged Lamborghini Huracan from VF Engineering through Spunky Canyon in Santa Clarita, California, when something crazy happened. We don't mean that in the hyperbolic Internet sense, either. As he was coming around a bend, Farah and his 806-horsepower Huracan were forced to stop short because a Ford Explorer was dragging a log on a chain down the road. Seriously. The log was just freely being dragged several feet behind the SUV.

Aside from that this is a typical One Take video, which means it's pretty awesome. Check it out, and if you want to see the log silliness it starts at around the 3:15 mark.

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