This Is The Last Time You'll See The McLaren GT Covered In Camo

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McLaren's new grand tourer will break cover tomorrow.

We don't have long to wait for the newest addition to the McLaren family to arrive, as the new GT is set to debut on May 15. Ahead of its debut, McLaren has been spotted doing some last-minute testing on the new model, and luckily our spies were on hand to snap some photos of it in action. While McLaren has already shared photos of the camouflaged GT, these revealing photos give us a much clearer look at the new model before the official debut.

It may be a practical grand tourer rivaling the Aston Martin DB11, but the McLaren GT still has supercar-like proportions, sitting low to the ground with the engine positioned directly behind the driver. This hasn't compromised cabin space, however, as McLaren says you'll be able to store a full set of golf clubs.

Elsewhere, the styling shows an evolution of McLaren's current design language, with the company's distinctive boomerang-style headlights and large side vents feeding cool air to the powertrain. At the back, there's a ducktail-like spoiler, slim LED taillights, and a large diffuser.

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Power is likely to be sourced by McLaren's twin-turbocharged 3.8-liter V8 engine, which will likely pack more power than the 562-hp McLaren 570GT. The new GT will sit alongside McLaren's existing Sport, Super, and Ultimate Series ranges and is said to have a more distinctive design than the 570GT it will likely replace.

Thanks to US safety regulations, the car will adopt a two-seat layout, which is a shame as a three-seat layout would have made it stand out from its rivals. Still, McLaren is setting expectations high, claiming the GT will be "the lightest of Grand Tourers" as well as one of the quickest thanks to its power-to-weight ratio.

The automaker promises the GT will "redefine the rules of the Grand Tourer segment," so it's shaping up to be a very special car. We'll find out all the important details tomorrow when the covers come off the McLaren GT tomorrow.

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